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    Protect Whistleblowers at the Big Banks!

    Crimes committed by the big banks helped crash our economy -- and WikiLeaks is saying that a whistle-blower has sent them enough evidence to take down Bank of AmericaSo now the big banks are fighting back by trying to get the government to muzzle future whistle-blowers.

    They want rules to force whistle-blowers to go to their bosses before going to the government -- giving employers the perfect chance to shut them up! Even the Securities and Exchange Commission admits that its proposed rules could "discourage" whistleblowers.  

    Will you help us protect financial reform, by telling the SEC to implement strong, pro-whistle-blower rules right away?

    PETITION TO THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION:  More whistle-blowing about corporate crimes could have made the foreclosure crisis and economic meltdown less severe. 

    Whistle-blowers should never be forced or encouraged to take their concerns to their potentially corrupt bosses first: Those who go directly to the government deserve the strongest rewards and protections allowed by law.

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