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    Protect the First Amendment -- Don't let them outlaw WikiLeaks!

    More than 30,000 strong:

    Politicians are leading the charge to outlaw WikiLeaks and undermine freedom of the press. First Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) successfully pressured to stop hosting the WikiLeaks website and now, as Julian Assange has been arrested in the UK, he's introduced a new bill changing the law to make WikiLeaks illegal.

    Lieberman even wants to go after The New York Times -- and Congressman-elect Allen West agrees, saying we should "censor" the American media!

    We can't let the government throw people in jail for publishing the news. Can you join 30,000 others by signing our petition in defense of the First Amendment? Add your name at right and we'll get your message to Congress and the media.

    PETITION: Americans deserve to know what the government is doing with their money. WikiLeaks is part of a vibrant free press, not a criminal conspiracy.

    Sign today -- just add your name to the right!