WikiLeaks reveals: the Trans-Pacific Partnership would mean worldwide SOPA-style internet censorship.

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    The truth is out: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would make SOPA-like internet censorship the norm -- compromising the rights of internet users all over the world.  The US government has kept negotiations over the TPP completely secret. But WikiLeaks leaked a chapter from the proposal. And it's terrible news for internet freedom.

    Sign to the right to take a stand against SOPA-like internet censorship. 

    Over the past two years, we've defeated SOPA and its look-alike bills time and time again. We stood up and said: We don’t want censorship. We don't want ISPs shutting off internet connections or blocking websites. We don't want our private data shared with copyright trolls. We don't want infringement accusations with no due process. 

    But the TPP contains all of these provisions and more.  They’ve realized they can’t pass SOPA through the democratic process -- because the people don’t want it -- so they're using the secret treaty process to pass it by other means.

    The world's governments are trying to circumvent the public to destroy internet freedom. Sign the petition to tell world leaders: don't sign the TPP.

    They thought they could keep it all secret until the very last minute, and then force Congress to approve the treaty with no debate, no public oversight, no amendments. But that plan failed. 

    We know what they're trying to do. And we can stop them. WikiLeaks has taken the first step. A loud public outcry is the only thing that can throw a wrench in their plans to implement SOPA-like censorship worldwide. But we need to act now -- before it's too late. 

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    PETITION TO WORLD LEADERS: the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a treaty designed to serve the interests of massive corporations to the detriment of the world's citizens. It would impose extreme internet censorship and stifle innovation. I demand that my government oppose this agreement.

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    Here's the full text of the leaked document from Wikileaks. And a summary from the Guardian.