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    FBI Caught Spying On Kids: Fix The PATRIOT Act

    UPDATE: Why is PATRIOT Act reform so imperative?  The Electronic Frontier Foundation just dug up documents that show that the FBI has used the PATRIOT Act to spy on innocent children: "The report describes the FBI's monitoring of young children for five days, despite the fact that none of the voices being monitored matched the voice or language of the target."


    ORIGINAL:  The PATRIOT Act is up for renewal in April.  Just a couple months ago it looked set for a 3-year extension -- or worse.  More than 75,000 Demand Progress members fought back -- and thanks to them and others, Congress is holding hearings on the PATRIOT Act and considering serious reforms.

    Since it was first passed almost a decade ago, some of the most noxious portions of the PATRIOT Act have burrowed their way deep into our legal system.  Together, these provisions make a mockery of our civil liberties:  They let government officials spy on whomever they want, for any reason, without ever letting them know or giving them a chance to challenge the order in court.

    Enough is enough: Will you join us in demanding that Congress finally fix these provisions or let them expire? Just add your name at right, and we'll automatically send a message to your senator, representative, and President Obama:

    TO MY ELECTED OFFICIALS:  A decade after it first passed, it's time to reform the PATRIOT Act and protect law-abiding citizens from unchecked government surveillance powers.  I urge you to fix it, or let it expire.

    Add your name at right and we'll deliver your message to Washington.

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    Here's a more detailed article from the CATO Institute that explains some of the problems with the PATRIOT Act provisions that are up for extension.  And here's an overview by the ACLU.  Here's EFF's report on the wiretapping of children.