Trump just appointed a white nationalist to call the policy shots at the White House.

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Sign the petition: #RemoveBannon from the White House

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    Petition to President-elect Donald Trump:
    In your acceptance speech, you promised to be a president for all Americans. But the appointment of Stephen “Steve” Bannon to the position of Chief White House Strategist is unacceptable, dangerous, and undermines that promise. White nationalism, racism, anti-semitism, and misogyny have no place in the White House. I call on you to be a President for all Americans by removing Bannon from the White House immediately and replacing him with an advisor who represents us all.

    Donald Trump’s first task as president-elect should have been uniting a polarized nation.

    Instead, Trump appointed Steve Bannon – the former chairman of Breitbart, the far-right media outlet that peddles conspiracy theories as news and advances white nationalism – as White House Chief Strategist and his Senior Counselor.

    The chair of the American Nazi Party said picking Bannon showed Trump is "for 'real" on implementing his racist rhetoric, while the former Grand Wizard of the KKK, David Duke called Trump's choice of Bannon "excellent." 

    It’s simple: Personnel is policy. And choosing Bannon, an ultra-right wing white nationalist, shows us exactly what type of president Trump wants to be.

    As head of Breitbart, Steve Bannon has been instrumental in bringing white nationalism into the mainstream and propelling the xenophobic, racist, misogynist rhetoric of Trump’s campaign.

    This is one of Trump's first appointments, so this is the first real test of how we respond when Trump gives in to his alt-right supporters. And we need to make clear that Americans will not stand for a white nationalist in the White House. Period.

    Choosing Steve Bannon as a key White House advisor threatens to normalize the racism, xenophobia, nativism, anti-semitism, and misogyny he and Trump espouse.

    His appointment makes clear that Trump is building a government of cronies where the only thing he bases decisions on is loyalty to him ­– no matter how fringe and extreme these people are.

    That’s not being a president for all Americans as Trump claimed in his acceptance speech.

    If we let Steve Bannon’s appointment slide now, the door will be wide open to Trump filling his government with other bigots and corporate insiders – and giving them unprecedented power to enact policies that will hurt everyday Americans.

    Sign the petition: #RemoveBannon from the White House.