Elizabeth Warren just renewed her call to overturn Citizens United.

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Tell Congress: Overturn Citizens United!

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    Petition to Congress:
    The era of unlimited political spending ushered in by Citizens United has allowed a tiny set of wealthy and powerful individuals and organizations to set the agenda for the entire country. This is not the promise of our democracy. Please co-sponsor the Democracy for All Amendment to overturn Citizens United and return the government to the American people.

    Did you see Elizabeth Warren’s speech this week? At the Center for American Progress Ideas Conference, Senator Warren issued a powerful challenge to stop the corrosive influence of big money in politics.

    She renewed her call to overturn the “terrible mistake” of Citizens United by passing a constitutional amendment to end big money in politics.

    In 2016, super PACs spent over $1 billion1 to influence the outcome of the election. And this will likely get worse next time around. We need to reign in the influence of big money now more than ever.

    Senator Warren was one of the original co-sponsors of the Democracy for All Amendment, which would allow Congress to put strong limits on political spending. Most importantly, it makes clear that money isn’t speech, and corporations are not people.

    Tell Congress: End Citizens United. Co-sponsor the Democracy for All Amendment.

    The promise of American democracy is that all citizens have an equal say in their government. But that is impossible when billionaires and big corporations can use unlimited money to drown out the voices of ordinary people.

    The only way we can ensure all Americans have a voice in their government is to enable Congress to put limits on political spending, and stop corporations from buying politicians.

    Join the movement to end Citizens United. Tell your member of Congress to co-sponsor the Democracy for All Amendment.

    1. Open Secrets, “2016 Outside Spending, by super PAC,” Accessed May 20, 2017.