Judges should not be allowed to take corporate giveaways.

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Tell the Judicial Conference: Ban corporate payoffs to judges

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    But they are.

    Lawbreaking corporations have been giving judges luxurious paid vacations under the guise of “judicial junkets,” labelled as educational seminars.

    But these junkets aren't about education they're about giving corporate allies and anti-regulation zealots a chance to indoctrinate judges. 

    Already, corporate investments in judicial junkets have paid off in the form of friendly court rulings for corporate special interests that damage the public good. 

    We have the opportunity to stop this practice and get the Judicial Conference – the federal watchdog that writes ethics and policy guidelines for federal judges – to issue strong guidelines outlawing this practice next month. 

    Add your name to tell the Judicial Conference to ban corporate payoffs to judges! 

    Petition to the Judicial Conference:
    Judges attending judicial seminars sponsored by private interests undermine the public's belief in an impartial judiciary and must end. As the organization setting standards for federal judges, we urge you to amend the “Judicial Conference Policy on Judges’ Attendance at Privately Funded Educational Programs” to ban judges from accepting travel, food, lodging, reimbursements, or gifts for attending a seminar supported by a private interest with a reasonable chance of engaging in proceedings that would come before the judge.