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Tell Paul Ryan to kick Devin Nunes off the Intel Committee!

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    Tell Paul Ryan to kick Devin Nunes off the Intel Committee!

    Petition to House Speaker Paul Ryan:
    Eleven members of the House Intelligence Committee failed the American people by voting to release the partisan “Nunes memo” without even reading, or being briefed on, the underlying classified documents. This was a reckless partisan charade to distract from the Russian investigation. Immediately remove Representatives Nunes (CA), Conaway (TX), King (NY), LoBiondo (NJ), Crawford (AR), Rooney (FL), Hurd (TX), Ros-Lehtinen (FL), Stefanik (NY), Stewart (UT), and Wenstrup (OH) from the House Intelligence Committee.

    Intelligence Committee Republicans publicly released a cherry-picked, factually misleading memo about the investigation into whether Russia interfered with our presidential election and possibly colluded with the Trump campaign.1

    Nunes and ten other Republicans on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence voted to release this memo without reading the underlying documents cited in it, and then blocked other committee members from reading them as well.2

    They bulldozed the Nunes memo out the door, trampling over the facts in the rush to score political points.

    Tell Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: Rep. Devin Nunes and the 10 Republicans who released the partisan “Nunes memo” without reading the documents have failed at their jobs. Immediately remove them from the House Intelligence Committee.

    There’s no mistaking it: the Nunes memo is pure political theatre. Nunes is a Trump-crony who served on Trump’s transition team and pretended to recuse himself from the Trump investigation over conflicts of interest.3 Now he’s grasping at straws to stall or shut down the investigation into Trump.

    In fact, just last month, Nunes led the charge to reauthorize the very same surveillance measures he’s now complaining about!

    Publishing a political hack memo without reading the source material, or letting anyone else read them, shows blatant disregard for the fundamental duties of every member of Congress.

    Nunes chairs the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. That committee is supposed to serve as oversight over the intelligence community. But it’s clear now that Nunes is more concerned about protecting the Trump administration than doing his job.

    The American public deserve better this – especially from Congress. Tell Paul Ryan: remove Nunes, and the Republicans who voted with him, from House Intelligence committee.


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