TODAY: Call Congress In Opposition To Indefinite Detention

We won a huge victory yesterday:  A federal judge in New York ruled in favor of Chris Hedges, Revolution Truth, and others who were suing to block the indefinite detention provisions of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act.

But the fight's not over yet:  The government is likely to appeal the decision.  We need to make sure Congress kills indefinite detention when it takes up this year's NDAA later TODAY.  We need to get the phones ringing right away: Please call, literally as soon as you possibly can.

Please fill out the form at right to look up your congressmember's number.  We'll provide you wth a script you can use when you call.

**Calls are our top priority, but if you're on Reddit, could you vote up this post to make sure everybody knows about the NDAA vote?

Here's what to say (not ? click here):

    (I'm not in the US)