URGENT: Tell Your Lawmakers to Vote Against USA PATRIOT Act Renewal

The PATRIOT Act renewal is on the fast-track, with a vote scheduled for tomorrow on a bill that extends the PATRIOT Act and does nothing to reform the law.  We've already delivered the signatures of nearly 50,000 Americans who oppose the PATRIOT Act renewal, but we need to keep up the pressure on Congress to do the right thing:

Will you call your congressmember right away, and tell him or her to vote against the PATRIOT Act renewal?  It'll only take a minute -- just fill out the form at right and and we'll provide you with a short suggested script and contact info for your lawmaker.

The PATRIOT Act makes a mockery of our civil liberties, letting government officials spy on whomever they want, for any reason, without ever letting them know or giving them a chance to challenge the order in court: Please urge your congressmember to vote no today!

Here's what to say (not ? click here):

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