The government doesn't need a warrant to read your email. We need to change that.

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    Okay. At this point, we basically know the NSA treats our privacy rights like a cheap doormat. But can you imagine if hundreds of other government agencies had access to your email—without a warrant?

    Bad news: they already do.

    Thanks to a bill called the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) -- enacted in 1986 before most people had a computer or used email -- the IRS, FBI, DEA, and even local law enforcement can access your stored emails and documents in the cloud without getting a warrant from a judge.

    Sign to the right tell your lawmakers to STOP this violation of our constitutional rights.

    Fortunately, Congress is considering a bill—the Email Privacy Act—that would ensure all government agencies need a warrant for online communications. The bill, HR 1852 in the House, has already picked up 181 cosponsors from both parties. To pass, it needs 218 votes. 

    The momentum is on our side. Support for the bill is growing on both sides of the aisle.

    Sign to contact your representative and urge them to cosponsor this bipartisan, commonsense privacy bill.

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