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    Force Political Donors Out Of The Shadows: DISCLOSE Act Vote On Monday

    Big vote on Monday.  In the Citizens United era -- and in the midst of the most expensive election cycle ever -- we need to draw the people and corporations who seek to influence our democracy out of the shadows.

    The DISCLOSE Act, sponsored by Rhode Island's Sheldon Whitehouse, would do just that.  It's up for a vote on Monday -- and Republican leaders are threatening to filibuster it.

    Please add your name at right to urge your senators to support the bill and oppose any effort to filibuster it.

    Super PACs are spending millions of dollars on elections this year -- attacking anybody who stands in the way of the interests of the wealthy donors and corporations who fund them, and helping ensure that our government becomes ever more subservient to corporate interests.

    The DISCLOSE Act would require these mega-donors to disclose any donations of more than $10,000.  Every one of them is donating because they have a motive to do so: They want our government to support their own narrow agendas.  

    DISCLOSE won't solve all that ails our government, but it's a critical step in the right direction and will help us hold our elected officials and their well-heeled backers accountable.

    Please add your name at right to urge your senators to support the DISCLOSE Act before Monday's vote.

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