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    ACT NOW: Senate Trying to Approve Warrantless Wiretapping for Five Years!

    The U.S. Senate is now trying approve warrantless spying on our emails and phone calls for five years. Worst of all, they're trying to rush through it so they can get home for the holidays.

    Add your name at right to tell your Senators to force a debate of the five-year reauthorization of the FISA Amendments Act (you'll receive updates from Free Press and Demand Progress).   Use these links to get your friends to join the fight:

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    A group of Senators thinks that cops are already using FISA to secretly snoop through our emails and phone calls -- but they can't even get law enforcement officials to answer questions about what they're doing. That's why it is critical that Congress reject any rush to reauthorize FISA for five years. We need to step back and investigate what law enforcement officials have been up to.

    We're teaming up with our partners at Free Press to encourage our members to bombard the  Senate with emails over the next few days.

    The FISA Amendments Act is scheduled to expire on Dec. 31, but some in the Senate want to rush a vote on reauthorization of FISA's snooping provisions without any debate. In 2001, the Bush Administration launched a secret, illegal spying regime that gave the NSA the power to monitor our phone calls and online activity without a warrant. Thanks to public outcry, in 2007 the Bush Administration suspended this privacy-obliterating program. 

    However, in 2008 Congress passed an audacious bill — the FISA Amendments Act — that legalized the NSA's spying scheme— and the participation of companies like AT&T and Verizon — and gave it *even more* flexibility to harvest our private data. Unbelievably, the Senate wants to jam through reauthorization of the FAA for another five years yet again — with no debate.

    A bipartisan group of senators, led by Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon, isn't happy. They've placed a hold on the reauthorization bill — putting it in congressional limbo — unless the Senate has a chance to consider amendments that would add privacy protections and transparency requirements. 

    Fixing FISA would be a significant victory for our online rights. But we don't have a lot of time. We need every senator to urge Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to slow down the reauthorization vote.

    Just add your name at right to urge Your senators to force a debate on FISA.