The Obama administration wants a former SOPA lobbyist to negotiate the TPP. We can't let that happen.

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Tell the Senate: NO to the SOPA salesman

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    The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secretive international treaty that lets the world's most powerful corporations make a power grab for our resources at the cost of our civil liberties. And now President Obama has nominated Robert Holleyman, a former lobbyist for the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA), to help lead the TPP negotiations for the U.S.

    We need to tell the US Senate not to let the salesman for an awful bill become the architect of a monstrous treaty.

    The TPP will have ruinous consequences for free speech on the Internet by expanding already ridiculous copyright protections and laying the groundwork for internet censorship. If confirmed by the Senate, Holleyman would be working to ensure that these anti-free speech provisions are enshrined in the TPP for good.

    Sign to the right and urge the Senate to block this disasterous nomination.

    We've done a good job slowing down the progress of the TPP, but we can't let up. By blocking Holleyman, we’ll not only keep this dangerous lobbyist away from this trade agreement, we'll also send a message to the architects of the TPP that they are in for a fight.

    Let's send that message and continue that fight.

    Just add your name at right to tell your senator: No to Holleyman.


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