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    Tell The Dems and GOP: Support Net Freedom Platform Planks

    Demand Progress and more than two dozen other groups just released this letter, urging the Republican and Democratic parties to adopt pro-Internet freedom platfrom language.  You can add your name at right to support our efforts.  Time is short: The conventions begin THIS WEEK.

    An Open Letter to Political Party Leaders in the United States
    We, the undersigned, urge political party leaders in the United States to adopt platform positions that respect and defend the critical role of an open Internet in all aspects of American life.
    The explosion of Internet access that has occurred over the last two decades has allowed billions of people around the world to use this vital communications medium to express themselves, communicate with others, innovate new technologies, and engage in previously unheard-of forms of commerce. This time has been unlike any other period in human history. The United States has played a critical role in facilitating an open and free-flowing Internet since its inception. But today, numerous entities, special interests, and governments routinely challenge the open nature of the Internet, and threaten its very essence.
    The Internet’s role in the lives of Americans, and of people worldwide, cannot be overstated. It deserves explicit protection and recognition in the platforms of our political parties; in fact, such a statement is long overdue. We hope that in the long term, we can drive our national political discourse toward a more robust discussion of ways to protect and nurture an open and equal Internet that protects innovation and job creation, while fostering individual civil liberties in the United States.
    We therefore urge political parties to explicitly adopt positions that protect and foster an open Internet that equally respects the rights of ordinary users, as well as the thousands of companies and organizations who rely on this platform everyday. We further urge American political parties to clearly reject efforts to censor the Internet and engage in unwarranted surveillance of its users -- and to do so in writing.
    We believe that creating and maintaining an environment that allows an open and accessible Internet is crucial to American prosperity and security. It is also the right thing to do. We look forward to working with American political leaders on this important issue for years to come.
    Alliance for Community Media
    Center for Democracy and Technology
    Center for Media and Democracy
    Communication is Your Right!
    Defending Dissent Foundation
    Demand Progress
    Don't Censor the Net, Inc. 
    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    Engine Advocacy
    Fight for the Future
    Free Press Action Fund
    Internet Archive
    Liberty Coalition
    May First/People Link Director Jamie McClelland
    Mozilla Corporation
    Participatory Politics Foundation
    People's Production House 
    Progressive Democrats of America
    Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian
    Roots Action
    Startup Weekend
    War Is A Crime

    Just add your name at right to support our party platform campaign.

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