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Stop Amazon's health care takeover

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    Stop Amazon's health care takeover

    Petition to the Federal Trade Commission:
    We urge you to prevent Amazon from becoming a health care monopoly by thoroughly investigating all aspects of Amazon’s health care business (including Amazon Clinic, RxPass, and the One Medical merger) for anti-monopoly violations. The tech giant has demonstrated over and over again that it can’t be trusted — Amazon abuses its market power to prey on small businesses and consumers!

    Amazon wants to build a health care monopoly. The mega-corporation is trying to acquire health care giant One Medical for $3.9 billion.1 Amazon has already acquired an online pharmacy for nearly $1 billion — which it turned into Amazon Pharmacy.2 Now, Amazon is offering a monthly Rx subscription delivery service to Prime members called RxPass.

    We must stop Amazon’s attempt to take control of health care in America, because health industry consolidation leads to higher prices for consumers without ensuring better care.

    Sign the petition: Break up Amazon! It has too much power and we cannot allow it to take over health care.

    The FTC is reviewing the Amazon – One Medical merger,3 but Amazon’s other health care projects continue to zoom forward. Late last year it launched Amazon Clinic, a “message-based online healthcare service that offers treatments for over 20 common health conditions.”4

    Amazon’s record raises serious concerns about the tech giant providing healthcare. The company has a long history of crushing its competitors and capitalizing on and abusing our data. Consumers should be extremely wary of Amazon having their health care data.

    If that’s not concerning enough, Amazon’s health care acquisitions may accelerate the devastating Medicare privatization process currently underway.5 The increasing push to privatize Medicare is increasing costs and worsening care for everyday people.

    If we want to stop Amazon from becoming a health care monopoly, we must act now.

    Sign the petition: Tell the FTC to break up Amazon.


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