"Aaron's Law" would fix parts of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act that mean that we are all federal felons. Please sign on to become a citizen cosponsor.

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    The Internet and all those who care about Aaron took a big step forward today: Rep. Zoe Lofgren and Sen. Ron Wyden just introduced "Aaron's Law", which would fix some of the worst parts of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, including those which make it a potential crime to violate terms of service agreements -- that fine print that nobody reads at the bottom of a website.

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    The CFAA is the law under which Aaron Swartz and other innovators and activists have been threatened with decades in prison. It is so broad that law enforcement says it criminalizes all sorts of mundane Internet use: Potentially even breaking a website's fine print terms of service agreement. Don't set up a Myspace page for your cat. Don't fudge your height on a dating site. Don't share your Facebook password with anybody: You could be committing a federal crime. (Read more here.)

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