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Investigate the Amazon – One Medical merger!

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    Investigate the Amazon – One Medical merger!

    Petition to the FTC:
    We urge you to thoroughly investigate Amazon’s planned merger with telehealth provider OneMedical! This proposed $3.9 billion deal is just Amazon’s latest attempt to consolidate its monopoly power. The tech giant has demonstrated over and over again that it can’t be trusted — Amazon abuses its market power to prey on small businesses and consumers!

    Amazon is trying to establish a healthcare industry monopoly. Last week, the tech giant announced a deal to purchase health provider One Medical for a whopping $3.9 billion.1 One Medical is a major Medicare contractor — and is a central player in the Medicare privatization program begun under Trump.2

    The thought of Amazon getting into the healthcare game is terrifying. Amazon is liable to crush competitors; capitalize on our health data; and accelerate the devastating Medicare privatization process currently underway.2

    The Amazon – One Medical merger may be illegal under current anti-monopoly laws. Senator Amy Klobuchar, chair of the Senate committee responsible for anti-monopoly policy, is calling for a thorough investigation by the Federal Trade Commission — and we need to make sure that happens.3

    Sign the petition: The Federal Trade Commission must thoroughly investigate the Amazon – One Medical merger for potential anticompetitive effects and privacy violations!

    Too many Americans already pay too much for bad healthcare4 — and our economy is already dominated by Big Tech. 

    Amazon smashes small businesses with one hand and snatches them up with the other. 

    It’s a well-known fact that Amazon preys on the small businesses that use its platform by preferencing Amazon products in its search results and copying successful products produced by small businesses.5

    Amazon has acquired 118 companies in the last 25 years — including pharmacy company PillPack.6 Now, Amazon wants to lock down its monopoly on the medical field by adding One Medical to the list. 

    Not only would Amazon have too much market power with One Medical under its belt, it also would have a frightening degree of informational power. Should we trust Amazon with our private health data — which could easily be abused to discriminate against consumers on the basis of health conditions? Absolutely not. 

    Sign the petition: Tell the FTC to thoroughly investigate the Amazon – One Medical merger for potential anticompetitive effects and privacy violations!



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