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Tell Congress: No stimulus without helping people in need

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    Tell Congress: No stimulus without helping people in need

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    I urge you to oppose any stimulus bill that does not include critical measures to protect working people and our democracy. The current stimulus bill has left out essential items that have to be included, such as more money for the unemployed, money for the USPS, strong rules to provide voters with an option to vote by mail, aid for states and cities, a freeze on rents, mortgages, and utility shutoffs, requirements that large companies maintain their payrolls, health care for those who don’t have insurance, and an Essential Worker Bill of Rights. We urge you to publicly oppose and vote against any stimulus bill lacking those critical items.

    Time is running out to stop Congress from making a disastrous deal that gives Donald Trump almost everything he wants.

    Congress is debating the next stimulus bill, and over the weekend news broke that Democratic leaders might agree to a bill that doesn't include funds for the unemployed, doesn't include help for the postal service, doesn't provide vote by mail for the November election.1

    That's bad enough. But the bill also doesn't include any funds for state and local governments. Trump wants to hold that funding hostage to force states to cave to far right protestors and end their lockdowns early, even if it's unsafe. And Democrats appear willing to let him.2 We have to stop this. Now.

    Sign the petition and tell Congress: No stimulus without helping people in need!

    There's a groundswell of activism today to stop Democrats from agreeing to this bad deal. Progressive organizations and people across America are making their voices heard. Here's what isn't in the stimulus bill -- and must be included:

    • No $ for the unemployed or those in need
    • No money for the USPS
    • No measures to secure elections
    • No aid for states and cities
    • No Rent/Mortgage/Utility Shut Off freeze
    • No requirements on large companies to maintain payrolls
    • No health care for those who don't have insurance
    • No hazard pay or Essential Worker Bill of Rights

    Mitch McConnell and the Trump Administration say they'll include these things in the next bill. But we can't believe their promises, especially after the Trump Administration systematically undermined the most recent stimulus bill. He began purging the Inspectors General, his administration issued rules making it harder for workers and small businesses to get stimulus funds while making it easier for big banks and wealthy investors to get it, and allowed banks to seize your stimulus checks.

    We can't trust Trump. We can't trust McConnell. We need leaders to act now.

    More than 100,000 people have signed Demand Progress's petitions calling on Congress to make vote by mail available to all voters for the November election, and to bail out the postal service.

    Both are essential to protecting the integrity and safety of the fall election. And this stimulus is our best chance of getting that done, by attaching it to a bill that McConnell and Trump both want.

    We must make sure this next stimulus bill goes big and protects people in need -- and protects our democracy. We won't get another chance like this again. Will you speak up right now and tell Congress to pass a real stimulus bill, rather than cave to Trump?

    Add your name and tell Congress: No stimulus without helping people in need!

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    2. New York magazine, "Trump Wants to Starve the States Into Opening Before It’s Safe," April 20, 2020.