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Protect our private data from the US military!

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    Protect our private data from the US military!

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    We urge you to pass the Fourth Amendment is Not for Sale Act, legislation preventing data brokers from trampling on our constitutional right to protection from unreasonable searches and seizures! Big Tech, working in concert with law enforcement agencies and the federal government, regularly violates our Fourth Amendment protections by selling personal data obtained without a valid warrant to these entities. 

    The U.S. military is buying access to our internet data.1 This is a dangerous practice, showing the military’s willingness to work with private companies to obtain our internet browsing history, emails, and other sensitive information without a warrant.

    We need to stop this practice in its tracks immediately.

    Sign our petition urging Congress to act now to protect our constitutional right to privacy. They can do it by passing the Fourth Amendment is Not for Sale Act.

    A report in Vice News explains that several branches of the U.S. military purchased an internet surveillance tool from a private cybersecurity firm. The tool, called Augury, allows for the monitoring of 90% of the world’s internet traffic.2

    Warrantless collection of our data is never OK. And it violates our Fourth Amendment right against search and seizure without a warrant. What the U.S. military is doing with the help of private companies is in direct conflict of our most basic constitutional rights.

    The U.S. military is using taxpayer dollars to spy on Americans with the help of private firms. It’s wrong and Congress must take action to stop it.

    Will you sign our petition demanding Congress end the military’s warrantless collection of our internet data right now? We must pass the Fourth Amendment is Not for Sale Act and protect our constitutional rights.


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