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Stop Big Pharma from jacking up the price of prescription drugs!

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    Stop Big Pharma from jacking up the price of prescription drugs!

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    Please continue to hold firm against Big Pharma and lower prescription drug prices on all medications.

    Giant Big Pharma companies like Pfizer and Sanofi are planning to raise the price of over 500 prescription drugs early this month in direct response to President Biden lowering the cost of 10 medications.1

    Here’s what happened: President Biden’s landmark Inflation Reduction Act empowers Medicare to negotiate some prescription drug prices, finally lowering costs for some life-saving drugs. But Big Pharma is responding by jacking up the price of other drugs. This is Big Pharma greed, plain and simple — because prescription drug prices are already out of control.

    Pfizer tripled the price of Paxlovid last year — selling the lifesaving COVID drug at a 10,000% markup. Big Pharma will increase the prices of drugs as much as they can until the government steps in and gets the cost of all medications under control.

    Sign the petition: President Biden must step in and direct Medicare to lower drug prices across the board. Fight the corporate greed of Big Pharma!

    Giving Medicare the ability to negotiate lower drug prices makes sense for so many reasons. First, cost should not be an obstacle to getting the medication people need, especially when we’re talking about medicine for conditions like cancer, diabetes, and kidney disease. Unsurprisingly, an overwhelming majority of Americans want lower prescription costs.2

    But Big Pharma wants to stop Medicare negotiations — corporations have even sued to stop the price negotiations. Drug companies want to continue padding rich executive bonuses and pushing its stock price as high as possible. And if they can’t stop the government from controlling the price of some drugs, they’ll jack up the price of other drugs.

    These corporations are in an all-out, stop-at-nothing campaign to protect their profits over the health of Americans. We can’t let them win.

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