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    Sign the petition: Break up Amazon!

    Petition to President Biden and Congress:
    We demand that the Biden administration and Congress break up Amazon. Amazon’s monopolistic practices, such as imitating and suppressing products from small businesses, make it clear that the corporation is quashing competition and must be broken up.

    Jeff Bezos is the richest man on earth, with a net worth of over $177,000,000,000. His investments generate over $142,000 each minute. But how does his online empire make so much money?

    By crushing small businesses.

    A newly-released report confirms that Amazon systematically undercuts small businesses by using the data the company collects on sales to offer identical products, crushing small businesses and getting richer in the process.1 Amazon is using product data to make Jeff Bezos richer and small businesses poorer.

    Sign the petition: Stop Bezos from hurting small businesses and break up Amazon!

    This isn't the first time Amazon and Jeff Bezos have been exposed for copying retailers and crushing small businesses. When Bezos was asked about monopoly practices at a Congressional hearing, Bezos said he "can't guarantee" that his company never violated its own policy against using retailers' data to promote their own products.2

    Jeff Bezos is making a fortune by ruthlessly undercutting smaller retailers on his platform. Now's our chance to do something about it.

    Amazon is too big and too powerful. They shouldn't be allowed to compete with companies on the sales platform they own and operate. It creates a structural incentive for Amazon to use the information they collect to enrich themselves at the expense of mom and pop retailers across the country.

    Congress needs to feel the pressure and hear that Americans want to break up Amazon and protect small businesses. With your help, we can show Congress that Americans want to break up Amazon. Can you sign the petition?

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