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    Ceasefire now!

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    We urge you to call for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-Palestine war.

    The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan led to deaths on all sides, including civilians, that number in at least the hundreds of thousands. The wars were a disaster for American foreign policy. Now, by adding to the violence and escalating tensions in the Middle East with airstrikes in Yemen, President Biden could be dragging the United States into another Forever War like these wars of the last two decades.

    The airstrikes President Biden ordered against Houthi-held territory in Yemen over the last two weeks could be bringing the United States close to direct conflict with Iran, a backer of the Houthis in Yemen. U.S. officials are claiming that Iran is directly involved in the Houthi attacks on shipping vessels in the Red Sea1 that prompted President Biden to order unconstitutional and reckless airstrikes in response.

    Congress must immediately call on President Biden to shift to de-escalation, return to diplomacy, and negotiate a permanent ceasefire in the Israel-Palestine war.

    Sign the petition: Demand a ceasefire now! De-escalation and diplomacy are the answers, not more war.

    While the ongoing Houthi disruption of commercial shipping in the Red Sea is concerning, diplomacy is the answer, not actions that could fuel this regional conflict and embroil the United States in another endless war. The Houthis have already vowed a “fierce retaliation” for the U.S. airstrikes.2

    Hamas's attacks on October 7 must be condemned, but Israel's response over the last few months has been disproportionate and taken an extraordinary civilian toll. And bombing Yemen won’t bring about peace any sooner, just like sending weapons and billions to Israel isn’t halting the war in Israel-Palestine.

    It is critical that President Biden and Congress pursue diplomacy to end the war and calm tensions in the region. Congress must be loud and clear about a ceasefire now.

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