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    What An Amazing Week: Will You Donate To Demand Progress?

    Thank you for making last week so powerful: On Monday, the special interests pushing the Internet Blacklist Bill called a big press conference with their allies in Congress, trying to create the illusion of broad support for Internet censorship.  But our team caught wind of it and scrambled to make sure you were heard.  Teaming up with conservative bloggers who also oppose the bill, we stole the story right out from under them.

    • POLITICO: Groups blast Leahy piracy bill
    • THE HILL: Groups slam online piracy effort

    Then on Tuesday nearly 3,000 Demand Progress members joined thousands more from the ACLU, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, and others to call the White House and urge Obama to protect innocent Americans by fixing the PATRIOT Act.  We completely jammed the White House phone lines. 

    It was a great success, but we need your help now more than ever so we can keep up these fights. That's why an anonymous activist has agreed to match the donations of anybody who becomes a Demand Progress monthly sustainer, but only if you donate this week. Your first two months' donations will be matched on a dollar-for-dollar basis. (You can cancel your monthly contributions at any time.)

    Thanks for your continued help: We're a 100% membership-funded organization and need your support to keep up our work.

    Thanks so much, and please consider becoming a Demand Progress monthly sustainer at right.