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Confirm Biden’s judges!

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    Confirm Biden’s judges!

    Petition to Senate Democrats:
    Please work quickly to confirm President Biden’s judicial nominees before it’s too late.

    The federal case against Trump is in jeopardy because of the judge overseeing the case.

    Not only was Judge Aileen Cannon appointed by former president Trump, she issued rulings in favor of Trump that were forcefully and unanimously overturned by higher courts. Those courts called her attempts to delay DOJ investigations into Trump a “violation of bedrock separation-of-powers limitations.”1

    Judge Cannon exemplifies why we need Senate Democrats to speed up the confirmation of President Biden’s judges. Democrats must remake the judiciary after Trump was able to appoint a record-setting 231 federal judges.2

    Sign the petition to Senate Democrats: This is urgent. Prioritize and confirm President Biden’s judges quickly, before it’s too late.

    If we cannot rely on federal courts to hold Donald Trump accountable for his slew of alleged crimes, our democracy and the rule of law is in serious danger.

    Over decades, Republicans have focused on overhauling America’s courts to make them more conservative. In many ways, they’ve succeeded, especially when it comes to the Supreme Court, which has been pumping out right-wing decisions. President Biden has been able to put a dent in the conservative project by securing the nomination of more than 120 judges.3

    But Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP will do everything they can to slow down the confirmation process for Biden’s judges the closer we get to November 2024. There may be only a few months left to get Biden’s nominations on to the federal courts.

    Add your name: We have to take back the federal judiciary — Senate Democrats must quickly confirm President Biden’s judges immediately.


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