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    Confirm Sohn and save net neutrality!

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    The Senate must act now and vote to confirm Gigi Sohn to the FCC. The only ones who benefit from Sohn’s nomination being delayed for a year are big telecom corporations. Consumers are hurting and we need action. It’s time to confirm the highly qualified Sohn and allow for a functioning FCC.

    Net neutrality is on the line. But Senate leaders have been sitting on their hands for a year, leaving the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at partial capacity.1

    President Biden nominated Gigi Sohn to be the crucial 5th FCC commissioner (the tie breaking vote). Sohn would be able to help restore Net Neutrality, which guarantees a free and open internet for all, no matter what.2

    Who’s against Sohn’s nomination and net neutrality? Big telecom companies like Comcast, Fox News, and Republicans.3 They want corporations to profit even more off of consumers while providing slower internet speeds. If Republicans win the Senate, we’ll lose our chance to restore net neutrality.

    Sign our petition: the U.S. Senate must act now and confirm Gigi Sohn immediately. Big corporations want to keep the FCC deadlocked, but the people need net neutrality now.

    Every day that Sohn is not confirmed is a win for companies like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon.

    These giant corporations spend hundreds of millions lobbying against a free and open internet, and they benefit from an FCC that keeps the status quo.4 This corporate greed hurts consumers, leaving many with “spotty, crappy, and expensive” internet.5

    Sohn’s confirmation has faced fierce opposition from Comcast, in particular. Just this year, the telecommunications behemoth paid former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and his firm $30,000 to lobby on the “Status of FCC nominations,” among other issues, and Sohn’s confirmation is the only pending FCC nomination.6 One former top executive at Fox and Disney described the direct attacks saying, “What Comcast has done to Gigi Sohn in my experience is absolutely unprecedented.”7

    The future of the internet is at stake, and we need the Senate to act before the end of the year, send Sohn to the FCC, and restore net neutrality.

    Add your name urging the Senate to confirm Sohn immediately and protect the internet for all. We need net neutrality now!


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