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Tell Congress: Break up big tech

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    Tell Congress: Break up big tech

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    We urge you to use congressional power to break up big tech monopolies, such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook. We need to restructure big tech companies to function in a way that fosters, rather than harms, competition, is compatible with democracy, and ensures that no other company amasses this type of power again.

    Amazon is profiting from ICE putting children in cages and separating immigrant families. It provides the technology infrastructure ICE needs.1

    At a time when many are labeling immigrant detention centers2 “concentration camps,”3 Amazon is on the wrong side of history.

    Nearly half of all of U.S. e-commerce goes through Amazon4 and it leads the cloud infrastructure market.5 Amazon has used its power to crush small businesses,6 instate poor working conditions for warehouse workers,7 and push low-income families and people of color out of their neighborhoods.8

    The House Judiciary Committee is holding a series of hearings on the immense power of tech companies.9 Your representative needs to hear from you. 

    Tell Congress to rein in bad actors like Amazon and break up big tech.

    A growing number of political leaders and presidential candidates have called for the break up of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other big tech companies.10

    Big tech has too much power -- over our economy, our democracy, and our society. They are crushing small competitors and stifling innovation in pursuit of profit.

    We urgently need to break up big tech monopolies.

    If we break up big tech, you’ll still be able to search on Google like you do today, use Facebook to keep in touch with family, and shop at Amazon. But these companies wouldn’t be able to crush smaller competitors or abuse users privacy--meaning more choices for us and a stronger democracy.

    Join the movement to rein in big tech monopolies. 


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