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Tell Congress: Investigate all of Trump's crimes

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    Tell Congress: Investigate all of Trump's crimes

    Petition to Congress, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the House Judiciary Committee:
    Donald Trump's high crimes and misdemeanors do not stop at the Ukraine scandal. Any impeachment inquiry must also include his other wrongdoing, including his abuse of immigrant families and children, his obstruction of Congressional efforts to stop war and targeting of civilians abroad, his personal enrichment in violation of the emoluments clause, and so much more. Without a broad scope to an impeachment inquiry, it will be easier for Trump to evade the consequences of his horrific actions.

    The "transcript" of his conversation with the Ukrainian president makes it clear: it's time to impeach Donald Trump.

    But Trump's attempt to extort Ukraine into helping him undermine the 2020 election is not the only reason Congress should begin an impeachment inquiry. Trump's mistreatment of immigrants and his undermining of Congressional efforts to stop war are just two of the many things that need to be investigated.

    Unfortunately, Democratic leaders may limit their inquiry to just the Ukraine scandal.1 This would be a grave mistake. Limiting it to one issue would make it easier for Trump to worm his way out of accountability.

    Grassroots pressure helped make the impeachment inquiry a reality. Now we need to make sure its scope is broad -- and by sending a message to Congress, you can help make it happen. Can you help?

    Add your name: Tell Congress to investigate all of Trump's crimes as part of the impeachment inquiry.

    It's not just Ukraine and it's not just Russia. Congress needs to take action on a long list of Trump's high crimes and misdemeanors:

    • Kids in cages at the border, separated from their families and in some cases dying due to to Trump's actions.
    • Enacting and enforcing a blatantly unconstitutional "Muslim ban."
    • Supporting the cruel Saudi war on Yemen and blocking Congressional action to stop it.
    • Blatant corruption and graft made possible by Trump's unprecedented decision not to divest from his company.

    Trump's abuses of power with Ukraine forced the issue so that even the most cautious Democrats couldn't ignore impeachment any longer. Trump and Rudy Guiliani's claims about Hunter Biden have no basis in fact and they’ve been widely debunked.2 Extorting the Ukrainian government to interfere in the 2020 election is a crime.

    There's probably more we don't know: Trump's behavior with Ukraine may not be the only "urgent concern" raised by a whistleblower — but Congress still doesn't have the full complaint, even though it was deemed "credible" by one of Trump's own appointees.3

    The only reason we know about the Ukraine extortion was because Democrats kept pushing, rather than limit their investigations. If they stop now, they may miss other crucial evidence or other crimes Trump has committed.

    That's why we're driving calls and emails into every single Democrat and key Republicans, demanding that they support a full, robust inquiry into each and every impeachable act the president has committed — and that they act on it ASAP, before the year is out.

    Add your name and tell Congress: Take immediate action that covers the full terrain of Trump's corruption, graft, and abuse of innocent people.

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