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    Make CT Relevant: Support National Popular Vote

    Remember the last time a Presidential candidate visited Connecticut during the fall campaign? Almost nobody can, because it almost never happens. Over 95 percent of the time and money spent on Presidential campaigns are focused on a dozen or so swing states. States that vote reliably red or blue are pretty much ignored; candidates rarely even bother to run polls in Connecticut or learn which issues are important to state voters.

    Connecticut's winner-take-all rule for awarding electoral votes just does not work. This year we have a chance to change the way we elect the President of the United States and make Connecticut's votes really matter. Under National Popular Vote, the presidential candidate who gets the most popular votes in all 50 states and District of Columbia will become President.

    The Connecticut General Assembly is considering legislation to join an interstate compact to support the National Popular Vote.  We need your help right now to make sure that the National Popular Vote bill is called for a vote before the 2011 Legislative Session ends on June 8th.

    The President should have all fifty states in mind - not just the "swing" states - when contemplating the critical work of representing the entire country. National Popular Vote would put every state in play during Presidential campaigns, making our only national election truly national.   Will you urge your lawmakers to support the National Popular Vote legislation?

    NOTE TO MY STATE LAWMAKERS: The president should be the person who gets the most votes.  I urge you to support H.B. 6331, An Act Concerning an Agreement Among States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote.

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