One in five Americans lacks a reliable broadband Internet connection. The FCC can change that.

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Tell the FCC: Act now to narrow the digital divide!

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    Petition to the FCC:
    It’s astonishing that nearly one in five Americans lacks a basic broadband Internet connection, with cost usually serving as the limiting factor.

    A reliable broadband Internet connection is not a luxury in 2016: Everything from searching for a job, to accessing health care, to allowing school children to complete their homework assignments, to engaging in politics relies on the Internet.

    FCC commissioners should take the opportunity to help narrow the digital divide, by voting to expand the Lifeline program to cover broadband Internet.

    Nearly 1 in 5 Americans does not have broadband access to the Internet. That’s the digital divide in action.

    Most of us rely on the Internet for so much in our daily lives. Everything from job searches, to health care, to homework, to – as Demand Progress members know – taking political action all requires Internet access.

    The number one factor holding families back? Cost. And studies show that communities of color are hit hardest.

    The FCC has a chance to help close this gap. It’s voting this month on whether to expand the Lifeline program – originally created in the ‘80s to help low-income families afford basic phone service – to cover broadband Internet.

    Sign the petition to tell the FCC to narrow the digital divide by expanding broadband Internet affordability for low-income families.