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Tell Congress to stop the GOP bill to restart weapons shipments to Israel.

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    Tell Congress to stop the GOP bill to restart weapons shipments to Israel.

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    We urge you to oppose the Israel Security Assistance Support Act and all efforts to restart offensive weapons shipments to Israel.

    Republicans in Congress are trying to get more American-made bombs to Israel ASAP.

    First, President Biden halted shipments of certain kinds of offensive weapons to Israel as Prime Minister Netanyahu ramped up his threats to invade Rafah — promising an escalation in the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.1

    In response, Republicans are demanding Biden restart the bomb shipments to Israel. Speaker Mike Johnson is pushing legislation THIS WEEK that would force President Biden to continue sending Israel bombs in support of its assault on the Palestinian people.2 Democrats in Congress must take a stand and stop the GOP’s bill.

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress to stop Republican efforts to send more bombs to Israel as Rafah invasion looms.

    Last week, the Israeli military took control of the Rafah border and told Palestinians to flee parts of the city in southern Gaza.3 But over a million Palestinians fled to Rafah as the Israeli military bombed their homes in other parts of Gaza. There’s nowhere for people to go. A ground invasion of Rafah would make the atrocities in Gaza even more devastating, killing more innocent people and blocking the food and water aid that so many people need.

    That’s why President Biden finally halted offensive weapons shipments to Israel. He used his power to try to dissuade Netanyahu from moving forward with this horrifying escalation. But Republicans want the flow of bombs to Israel to continue — the bombs that Israel has used to kill over 30,000 Palestinians and 200 aid workers.

    Hamas's attacks beginning on October 7 must be condemned, but Israel's response has been disproportionate and taken an extraordinary civilian toll — all while America has supplied the bombs and funding Israel needs to kill tens of thousands of Palestinians.

    It should not have taken President Biden this long to stop sending 2,000 pound bombs to Israel. But it’s an important step that could hold off the worst from happening in Gaza. Republicans are waging an “all-out brawl” to keep the status quo weapons flow to Israel continuing, no matter what atrocities face the Palestinian people in Gaza.

    Add your name: No more weapons to Israel! Urge Congress to stop the GOP’s Israel Security Assistance Support Act.


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