PETITION: Stop predatory patent trolls!

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House of Representatives: Support the Innovation Act!

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    Patent trolls have long been the schoolyard bully of online innovation, having a disastrous effect on startups, entrepreneurs, and most importantly, Internet users like you and me.

    Instead of inventing anything of value, patent trolls make their living by shaking down folks in the business of creating innovative products and ideas with threatening, wasteful lawsuits.

    That's why we need to tell the House that it's time to bring HR.9 — the Innovation Act — to the floor for a vote! Add your name to our petition.

    The need for urgent action by the House on this issue is clear. According to recent reports, 2015 is on track to have more patent lawsuits filed than any year in history. Sixty-eight percent of all patent lawsuits this year have been filed by Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs).

    While the legislation still needs to be improved through the amendment process, it has strong support from every corner of the American economy.

    It's time for a vote. Tell the House to pass the Innovation Act without delay!

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