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Stop immigration agents from falsely identifying as police

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    Stop immigration agents from falsely identifying as police

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    Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. Nydia Velázquez are working to introduce legislation that prevents immigration officials from falsely identifying as police officers. This practice is deceitful and obstructs public safety. I'm calling on you to pass legislation outlawing it completely.

    Immigration officials have an extensive record of cosplaying as police officers, branding misleading 'POLICE' logos on their uniforms, and falsely identifying as local law enforcement.1 This causes confusion and leads to immigrants allowing federal agents in their homes without the presence of a court-ordered warrant. This practice is not illegal.

    One undated ICE training slideshow obtained encourages ICE officials to identify as ‘POLICE’ or ‘Federal Officers’, without identifying if they are with a specific police department.2 The message further instructs officials to, ask for consent to look around and avoid the word ‘search’.  

    New Jersey Senator Cory Booker said, “When ICE agents display the word ‘POLICE’ on their uniforms, they blur the line between local law enforcement and immigration agents and confuse immigrant communities.”

    Having seen firsthand the negative impacts of these bad faith tactics, Cory Booker introduced the Combating Deceptive Immigration Enforcement Practices Act, which works to prevent ICE and CBP from displaying the word ‘POLICE’ on their uniforms.3 It also seeks to improve cooperation between local law enforcement departments and immigrant communities with the hopes of increasing transparency and reducing the fear of deportation. Rep. Nydia Velázquez (D-NY 7th District) has detailed plans to introduce a House version.

    An attorney for the ACLU has said of the practice, “We have repeatedly seen ICE go to people’s homes and coerce people to authorize entry under the mistaken belief that [the agents] are police. It undermines public safety in these communities.”

    This practice is commonplace for immigration officials and is wildly beyond unethical. Congressional action prohibiting it is welcome news, and the rest of Congress should follow suit in ensuring this legislation passes in both chambers.

    Sign the petition to Congress: Stop immigration agents from falsely identifying as police.



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