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Tell Democrats: Impeach Kavanaugh

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    Tell Democrats: Impeach Kavanaugh

    Brett Kavanaugh may have lied to Congress about his role in memos stolen in 2001 from Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee. He is facing a credible accusation of sexual assault. Taken together these make it clear he is unfit to serve on the bench -- including in his current capacity on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Please initiate impeachment of Kavanaugh as soon as you are able!

    Brett Kavanaugh is one of the worst nominees for the Supreme Court we've ever seen. His record is that of a far-right extremist. He may have lied to Congress about stolen memos. And now he faces a credible accusation of assaulting Prof. Christine Blasey Ford.

    This is more than enough to keep him off the Supreme Court. It should also be enough to warrant his removal from his existing seat as a federal appeals court judge.

    It is unacceptable for Kavanaugh to sit in judgement of others with a record like this. How can he determine right from wrong when, it appears, he has done so much wrong himself?

    Tell Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee: they can and they must impeach Kavanaugh and seek his removal by a trial in the Senate -- whether he's on the Supreme Court or still at the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. We will send your signature immediately and directly to the House Judiciary Committee so they know this is a priority for you!