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    Sign the petition: Impeach Trump Now

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    I am a constituent and I want you to impeach and convict Donald Trump for undermining our democracy in his attempt to overturn the result of the 2020 election. From the scenes of insurrection on Capitol Hill to Trump's demand that the Georgia Secretary of State change the vote count in Trump's favor, he continues to launch direct assaults on our democracy. Impeachment is the appropriate response to this appalling action, to hold Trump accountable as well as to deter anyone else from attempting this in the future.

    If we're going to get justice for the right-wing mob attack on the U.S. Capitol, we need to make sure Congress impeaches Donald Trump ASAP.

    Rep. Ilhan Omar and other progressives in Congress have drawn up articles of impeachment. But no vote has yet been scheduled. Meanwhile Trump still has two weeks left in office to continue doing immense damage, and is already back on Twitter stirring up trouble. We need to speak up and urge Congress to act immediately. There's no time to lose.

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress to impeach Trump NOW!

    Trump has abused his power ever since he took office four years ago. But now he is putting Congress and our very democracy at risk. 

    On Saturday he tried to influence Georgia's Secretary of State to change the vote count, and made threats if they refused his demands. That's trying to corrupt the election, through and through.

    Trump cannot be trusted to facilitate a peaceful transfer of power. There are still two weeks to go until President-elect Biden is inaugurated. We need to tell Congress to act now.  

    Demand Progress electronically delivers your petition signatures directly to Congressional offices -- so when you sign our petition, you're letting your Representative and Senators know you want them to stop Trump and impeach him without delay. Will you speak up now?

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