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    Protect Democracy: Fight Internet 'Kill Switch'

    UPDATE:  We have them on the ropes!  Joe Lieberman and crew have announced that they're going to change their proposal to address our concerns, saying they'll be certain that the legislation "contains explicit language prohibiting the president from doing what President [Hosni] Mubarak did."

    That's great news, but we need to make sure they live up to their promise.  Let's keep up the pressure: Please sign on to the petition at right, and forward it to your friends!


    ORIGINAL POST: Are our leaders better than Egypt's?  Across the globe, governments know that the Internet is increasingly the lifeblood of democracy -- that's why Egypt's oppressive regime just shut down the Internet there.

    But even as American politicians condemn Egypt for doing so, they're pushing legislation to give our government the power to do the exact same thing here at home!  The so-called 'Kill Switch' would let the president turn off our Internet -- without a court even having to approve the decision.

    Will you sign on at right to urge your Senators to oppose the Internet Kill Switch?

    PETITION TO U.S. SENATE:  It's shocking that our government would consider sinking to the level of totalitarian regimes like Egypt's.  The Internet 'Kill Switch' is an affront to basic democratic principles, the First Amendment, and all that is great about America.  I urge you to oppose it.

    Add your name at right and we'll deliver your message to your elected officials.

    Here's a recent article by PC magazine about the Kill Switch proposal.