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    Restore net neutrality!

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    We fully support your efforts to restore net neutrality and reinstate Title II protections.

    Big News: Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chair Jessica Rosenworcel just announced plans to restore net neutrality — a big step towards undoing the damage of the Trump administration and his FCC Chair Ajit Pai.1

    It’s been a long few years since the Trump administration ended net neutrality, and the free and open internet protections it provided to consumers. But we are closer than ever to overcoming the obstructionism of big corporations like Verizon and Comcast to restore strong open internet protections for all.

    Sign the petition: Tell the Federal Communications Commission to finally restore net neutrality!

    Republicans in the Senate and Big Telecom lobbyists blocked Biden’s replacement to the FCC for over 2 years. But finally, this month, Democrats, advocacy groups, and organizers helped secure the tiebreaking vote to the FCC by confirming Anna Gomez as a commissioner.

    Now, the FCC is ready to reverse Pai’s reckless decision to overturn Title II protections, which guarantee net neutrality and are a BEDROCK for a free and open internet. But this isn’t finalized yet, and we know the telecom industry is going to keep fighting with their big money and lobbyists to stop this action. We have to ensure the FCC knows grassroots supporters like you are in full support of bringing back net neutrality.

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