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    Tell The White House And Congress: Unlock Science Research

    Here's even more public money that's being exploited by private profiteers: Every year the National Science Foundation hands out nearly $7 billion to fund scientific research in America.  But even though your tax dollars are paying for the work, to get the results you need to pay money to for-profit journal publishers who control the content.

    It's silly and unfair: if we're paying for the research,we should get to see the results!

    Three years ago this week, the National Institutes of Health announced that all medical research they fund would have to be published as "open access" -- available to anyone, for free, over the Internet.  The policy has been a huge success, but now it's time for the rest of the government to follow suit.

    That's why we're teaming up with libraries, universities, and patient advocacy groups to demand every publicly-funded publication be made open access.  If we're going to be spending billions of dollars on research, the least they can do is let us read it.

    Can you sign our petition to the White House and Congress?  We'll deliver your signatures with our partners later this week.

    PETITION TO CONGRESS AND PRESIDENT OBAMA:  When the government pays for scientific research, it does so to benefit the public -- not so private profiteers can make more money.  Americans should have free access to research funded by the National Science Foundation.

    Just add your name at right and we'll deliver your message to the White House and Congress.

    Here's more background, from the Alliance for Taxpayer Access.

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