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Urge Members of Congress to OPPOSE Netanyahu's speech

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    Urge Members of Congress to OPPOSE Netanyahu's speech

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    We urge you to publicly oppose Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech in front of Congress and refuse to attend the speech.

    Despite the atrocities the Israeli military is responsible for in Gaza, Congressional leaders just invited Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak in front of Congress.

    Mike Johnson, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, and Hakeem Jeffries all signed a letter inviting Netanyahu to speak.1 The invitation came less than a week after Israeli airstrikes on a tent camp in Rafah killed civilians in one of the deadliest single attacks against Palestinians during this conflict.2 There is no reason whatsoever to welcome Netanyahu to Congress. His regime has killed over 36,000 Palestinians and 200 aid workers. It’s responsible for mass starvation in Gaza after blocking humanitarian aid to Palestinians.

    Senator Bernie Sanders said it’s a terrible idea to invite Netanyahu to speak in Congress and that he would NOT attend the speech.3 All of our lawmakers should oppose this speech.

    Sign the petition: Urge Members of Congress to oppose Netanyahu’s speech in front of Congress and pledge to boycott the speech.

    At first, it was just Mike Johnson and the GOP making the cynical move to invite Netanyahu to speak in front of Congress. Then, Schumer and Jeffries joined. If Democrats stood against Netanyahu, it would provide far less legitimacy to his speech. In addition to his massive breaches in international law and an onslaught against the Palestinian people in Gaza, Netanyahu is also actively opposing President Biden’s efforts to finally strike a peace deal.

    The last time Netanyahu spoke to a joint session of Congress, he used it as a chance to criticize the Obama administration. It’s another reason Democrats should say No to the GOP and Netanyahu’s political ploy.

    There’s still time for our congressional leaders to speak up, oppose Netanyahu’s visit, and refuse to attend.

    Sign the petition: OPPOSE Netanyahu’s congressional speech.


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