We need a new direction in the Democratic Party.

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Sign the petition: Clean house at the DNC

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    Petition to DNC committee members and Democratic elected officials:
    The results of this election demonstrate that deep, structural change is needed in the Democratic Party and at the DNC (Democratic National Committee). When the priorities of donors and lobbyists are heard over ordinary Americans, voters notice.

    Please pledge to work intently to fundamentally reform the DNC and elevate economic populists into the leadership of the Democratic Party, including a proven progressive as chair of the DNC.

    This election proves beyond a doubt that the Democratic Party’s current leadership is out of touch with the party base and with the mood of the country.

    The corporate wing of the Democratic Party had a chance. It’s time for deep, fundamental change.

    We desperately need bold, new leadership at the DNC and in the Democratic Party. We need progressive leaders who can provide an inspiring, people-first alternative to Donald Trump’s hate-filled agenda.

    Sign the petition: The Democratic Party must fundamentally overhaul the DNC and elevate proven progressives to lead the party forward.

    Democrats faced a ticket led by historically unpopular Donald Trump. And yet now Republicans control the presidency, the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and state governments across the country.

    Don’t let anyone tell you there weren’t clear warning signs:

    The Brexit vote that blindsided political elites in Britain. Donald Trump’s shocking primary victory. Bernie Sanders’s journey from laughingstock of the political establishment to winning 22 states and 47% of the vote in the Democratic primary.

    Democratic Party leadership ignored those wakeup calls. Real change can’t be put off any longer.

    Today’s DNC is largely a fundraising machine. And when the priorities of campaign donors are heard over working Americans, voters notice.

    Huge numbers of working Americans who voted for President Obama didn’t feel the Democratic Party was fighting for them. They voted accordingly, and now Donald Trump will be president.

    We need a party leadership that can return the Democratic Party to its roles as the voice of working people against corporate interests.

    Sign the petition: Overhaul the DNC and Democratic Party leadership so that the concerns of working people are put first.