Comcast and its friends are viciously attacking rules to protect our privacy online.

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Petition to the FCC: Finalize rules protecting our right to privacy!

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    Petition to Federal Communications Commission member Jessica Rosenworcel and the entire FCC:
    "Our right to privacy online means that our Internet providers should not be permitted to sell data about us without our permission. Please finish the FCC's proposed ISP privacy rules without delay."

    Internet providers have access to ALL of our unencrypted activity online – everything from the websites we visit, the apps we use, our physical locations, and who we communicate with online.

    If they aren’t weakened with loopholes, the FCC’s rules would prevent Internet providers from selling data about you without your permission.

    But Big Cable thinks it has leverage: Its allies in Congress are delaying Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel’s renomination in a cynical attempt to undermine the FCC’s work.

    Sadly, the press is reporting that their cynical ploy might be working.

    We need the FCC to stay strong and finish these rules.

    Sign the petition to Commissioner Rosenworcel and the FCC asking them to finalize the FCC’s privacy rules without delay!