The White House must take plans to push a lame duck vote for the TPP off the table.

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Petition: No lame duck vote for the TPP

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    Petition to Hillary Clinton and all Democrats:
    “We urge you to speak out loudly and consistently against the TPP, and to explicitly oppose it in a lame duck Congress. And we urge the White House to take the TPP off the table.”

    Hillary Clinton just announced her strongest opposition yet to the TPP trade deal, standing with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and the vast majority of Democratic members of Congress.

    There’s a simple reason why: The TPP would be a disastrous giveaway to corporations. It would make it cheaper for companies to ship jobs overseas and give unprecedented new rights for corporations to challenge U.S. laws in front of an unaccountable tribunal of 3 corporate lawyers.

    But unfortunately, President Obama keeps saying he will push through the TPP during the lame duck session after Election Day – when politicians’ accountability to the public is lowest.

    Sign the petition to urge President Obama to take a lame duck vote for the corporate power grab TPP off the table. And urge Hillary Clinton and other Democrats to explicitly and consistently oppose a lame duck vote for the TPP.