Tell your House Rep to protect your privacy online from government snooping under Section 702.

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Petition: Stop the NSA from spying on Americans under Section 702.

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    Petition to the House of Representatives:
    We demand strong reforms to the government’s surveillance powers under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Reject the Senate’s proposed permanent reauthorization of Section 702 – or any reauthorization lacking reforms that prevent innocent Americans’ personal communications from being swept up, stored in databases, and searched by intelligence agencies without a warrant. If those reforms are not possible, let Section 702 expire at the end of 2017.

    Right now, under a section of law known as Section 702, intelligence agencies are collecting vast amounts of data across the internet: emails, text message, social media accounts, phone calls.

    They capture and store all that data to search it for “foreign intelligence targets,” but here’s the thing – all too often Americans’ personal communications get scooped up and back-door searched too.

    Sign the petition: Tell your House Representative to end government snooping on Americans under Section 702 or let it expire.

    Trump and his hardline Republican allies in the Senate want to permanently reauthorize Section 702, without any reforms to make sure that innocent Americans’ personal online communications stop getting picked up in its dragnet or without any protections from intelligence agencies that store and search our communications without a warrant.

    Luckily, Senate Republicans can’t permanently reauthorize Section 702 on their own. Any bill would have to pass both the Senate and the House to become law. That gives you the opportunity to tell your Representative that you expect them to protect YOUR privacy and rein in mass government surveillance online.

    If we can’t guarantee that our phone calls, emails, and text messages – our personal lives as they exist online – aren’t being collected, monitored, stored, and searched without a warrant by secretive federal intelligence agencies, then the Section 702 surveillance programs should expire, plain and simple.

    Sign the petition: Tell your Representative that we need strong reforms and protections from government snooping under Section 702, or let it expire.