Presidential Appointments Matter.

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Sign the petition: Ask candidates to commit to appointing tough-on-Wall-Street personnel

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    All year, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have had a healthy competition to put out the toughest plan for Wall Street reform.

    But while bold plans on paper are important, ultimately it’s like Elizabeth Warren says: “personnel is policy.”

    Even the strongest plan for Wall Street reform only works if a president has a team of people willing to stand up to the big banks.

    That's why we’re joining the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Revolving Door Project, Americans for Financial Reform, and Public Citizen on Presidential Appointments Matter.

    Sign the petition to ask all the candidates to show they’re serious about Wall Street reform, by telling the country who they’d consider for Treasury Secretary, Attorney General, SEC Chair, and other top positions overseeing Wall Street.

    Petition to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the Republican presidential candidates:
    Wall Street influence is a major issue in the 2016 election. One of the most consequential things a president can do is appoint people who have a record of challenging Wall Street power.

    As Senator Elizabeth Warren says: Personnel is policy. Please give the public some specific examples of people you would consider for key posts that our nation relies on to challenge Wall Street power – including Treasury Secretary, Attorney General, and SEC Chair. And please be transparent about factors you will use when making appointments for these key positions.