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Stop the union busting, pass the PRO Act!

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    Stop the union busting, pass the PRO Act!

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    Pass the PRO Act now to allow workers to unionize more easily! Corporate profits are soaring while workers are still struggling to get by. We need to pass the PRO Act to give workers a chance to unionize and win better wages!

    $400 million on union busting. Really?? Yes, that’s what America’s biggest corporations are spending on union busting every year.1

    While workers are trying to form unions for better wages, working conditions, and health care, Amazon, Starbucks, and Google are paying fancy consultants and lawyers to stop unions from forming. The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act will empower workers and make it easier to form a union and fight for fair pay and conditions.

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress to pass the PRO Act now!

    Over the last few years, labor organizing in America has been front and center as workers have launched campaigns to form unions at Starbucks locations across the country, Amazon warehouses, Google, and other companies, large and small. Workers already in unions have flexed their power to win pay raises, better protections, and improved health care plans from corporate executives at UPS and Hollywood studios. Strikes continue today at auto plants in Detroit and Kaiser Permanente in California where 75,000 health care workers are fighting for better contracts.

    Congress can empower all of these workers, and ones we don’t even know about who want to form unions, by protecting and expanding worker rights with the PRO Act.

    The PRO Act would remove many barriers to forming a union in the workplace and impose harsher fines and penalties when corporations interfere in the process. This legislation would counter and neutralize much of the big corporate union busting in America. So, that $400 million could go to workers instead of fighting workers.

    By passing the PRO Act, Congress would not only fuel unionization in America, it would also signal to corporations that workers hold the power in this country and should not be put in unfair, unjust, or unsafe work situations.

    Add your name: Better pay, better working conditions, better benefits. Tell Congress to pass the PRO Act!


    1. Economic Policy Institute, “Employers spend more than $400 million per year on 'union-avoidance' consultants to bolster their union-busting efforts,” March 29, 2023.