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Protect Social Security

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    Protect Social Security

    Petition to Congress:
    It is time to once and for all fortify Social Security against constant Republican attacks! It is time to pass the Social Security 2100 Act!

    Another day, another attempt by the Republicans to fully undermine Social Security. This time it’s Senator Ron Johnson insisting that “social security be eliminated as a federal entitlement program” and that it become a program that requires annual approval by Congress.1

    Of course, this is just a Republican dog whistle for defunding and eventually dissolving one of the most helpful and popular social welfare programs in the country

    How long have the Republicans been fantasizing about abolishing Social Security? So long we’ve almost become deaf to their threats. We cannot let our guard down though. Now more than ever we must fully safeguard Social Security from scheming Republican Senators.

    Democrats can ensure those protections once and for all by passing the Social Security 2100 Act.  

    Sign the petition: Help Demand Progress apply the pressure to finally get this critical legislation passed! We NEED the Social Security 2100 Act!  

    We all know how critical Social Security is. We know that around 65 million Americans rely on its benefits.2 In fact, Social Security has been so effective at keeping seniors out of poverty it’s easy to forget that eldery poverty was close to 80% in 1940 and has dropped to about 10% today. This is a MASSIVE success.3 

    This is why we need to recognize the variety of tactics Republicans deploy to attack it. Words like “discretionary”, “privatize”, and “sunset” – these are recurring dog whistles that all seek one thing: the eradication of Social Security as we know it.    

    There is a way to defend against all of these attacks. It’s called the Social Security 2100 Act and Democrats cannot delay in passing it.   

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress to pass the Social Security 2100 Act! 

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