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    Help Fund The Fight Against Censorship

    Bad news first:  Big Business is swarming Capitol Hill this week as they struggle to get the Internet Blacklist Bill passed.  Here's Techdirt's take:

    The world's largest lobbying organization, the US Chamber of Commerce...along with the biggest lobbyists representing the recording and movie industry, have ramped up their efforts to get PROTECT IP approved as quickly as possible.

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    But now the good news: Why is the Chamber having to go to such great lengths to ram their bill through Congress?  It's because of Demand Progress members like you:

    This is the first stage of the endgame to get the law passed.  To be honest, I'm surprised they've even had to go this far, because from the beginning it looked like they had the easy support.  The fact that they felt the need to break out this little stunt shows that the opposition to PROTECT IP has actually drummed up enough noise that some politicians are concerned about the very real unintended consequences of the law.

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