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    Shrink Big Tech!

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    We urge you to support legislation to rein in Big Tech, including the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, the Open App Markets Act and the AMERICA Act. A small number of Big Tech companies have far too much control over the internet and our lives. Their monopolistic practices have hurt consumers, workers, and small businesses, and we urge you to take action to restore competition in today’s marketplace.

    Big Tech corporations simply have way too much power over the internet, the flow of information, and our personal data.

    Google dominates over 90% of internet searches — and cares more about serving advertisers and its stock price than the user. Amazon continues to pull the levers of online retail sales, bully small businesses, and even expand into other markets like health care, with multi-billion-dollar acquisitions. Facebook has so much power that it routinely ignores government regulation.

    These companies gained their monopoly power through aggressive anticompetitive practices, like forcing their rivals out of the market, buying up small, innovative companies, and limiting users’ access to choice. It’s time for Congress to finally step in and pass landmark legislation to rein in the unchecked power of these giant Big Tech companies — and our federal lawmakers will be considering these key bills in the coming weeks.

    Sign the petition: Tell Congress to pass a slate of antitrust bills to shrink the power of Big Tech.

    The package of first-of-its-kind Big Tech antitrust legislation includes the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, Open App Markets Act, and the AMERICA Act. Together, these bills will stop Big Tech platforms from discriminating against rival companies, prevent platforms from biasing search results to favor their own products and services, and block Big Tech platforms from buying up potential competitors. This would root out the rampant anticompetitive practices at companies like Amazon and Google.

    The slate of bills would also increase funding for federal antitrust enforcement and give antitrust agencies more power to break up the Big Tech behemoths. This would make it easier for regulators to hold corporations accountable when they engage in behavior that hurts consumers, workers, and small businesses.

    Congress has the opportunity to crack down on the runaway power of Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

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