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Hosting a drop-in visit at your Member of Congress' office is the most important thing you can do for net neutrality right now. A drop-in visit means stopping by your member’s in-district office with other constituents. You can also schedule a meeting with staff if possible.

There's vast public support for net neutrality rules— but we need to make sure that EVERY Senator and Representative is hearing about this from their constituents.

We need your help to save the future of the internetsign up now!

We’ll get in touch with you to help you set-up the meeting and even recruit others from your district to join you! Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before – we’ll train you and give you everything you need to plan a successful drop-in.

*When you sign up, please be sure to enter your phone number in its proper format - we want to be able to call you and get you all the support you need!*


Team Internet is a decentralized group of volunteers working together on our shared goal of maintaining net neutrality and is associated with

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