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Tax the Rich, Expand Social Security!

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    Tax the Rich, Expand Social Security!

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    We urge you to protect and expand Social Security by supporting the Social Security Expansion Act of 2023.

    While MAGA Republicans like Mike Johnson and Ted Cruz try to cut Social Security, Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced legislation to expand Social Security — funded in full by taxing the rich.1

    Social Security is an essential benefits program. But because of a tax cap, the ultra-wealthy pay Social Security taxes on a smaller percentage of their income than the average American.

    Bernie’s Social Security Expansion Act of 2023 would fund Social Security through the end of the century and expand benefits across the program.2 But Republicans want Social Security on the chopping block — we must not only stop the GOP’s efforts to cut the social safety net, we must improve Social Security to guarantee a financially secure retirement for all.

    Sign the petition: Tax the Rich. Expand Social Security. Pass the Social Security Expansion Act of 2023!

    Bernie’s legislation would expand Social Security benefits by $2,400 per year, per person, funded by these much-needed tax hikes on the rich. Bernie said, “A Wall Street CEO who makes $30 million pays the same amount into Social Security as someone who makes $160,000 a year. Our bill puts an end to that absurdity.”3

    Around 65 million Americans rely on Social Security benefits.4 In fact, Social Security has been so effective at keeping seniors out of poverty that elderly poverty rates fell from 80% in 1940 to about 10% today.5 This program has proven to be one of the most popular and successful programs in the history of the United States.

    Social Security allows retirees, and others, to afford medications, stay in their homes, pay for groceries, and so much more. The program allows millions to live with dignity. Without Social Security, many would have nowhere to turn.

    But time and again, Republicans try to slash the social safety net and public benefits that so many people rely on. There is a way to defend against all of these attacks: Vocally oppose any cuts to Social Security AND pass the Social Security Expansion Act of 2023.

    Sign the petition to Congress: Expand Social Security NOW!


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